Top 5 NW Tucson Attractions For Families

5 places you don't want to miss!

By Erin Recuparo June 5, 2023

NW Tucson is a jewel in the desert! Living here, I am always pleasantly surprised when I take the time to reflect on all of the activities we can do with our kids. And, for most of the year, our weather allows us to enjoy the beautiful outdoors along with the indoor attractions. With summer approaching, it means we'll have some extra time on our hands with our families. We might even have family/friends visiting from out-of-town. In this article, it is my hope to share with you some of the treasures of our community. If you've visited them before, then perhaps you'll be inspired to visit again. And, if they're new to you, perhaps you'll be inspired to give them a try.

1. International Wildlife Museum

The International Wildlife Museum was founded in 1988 and serves as a place that encourages "education, conservation, and appreciation" of wildlife in the world. The museum is filled with stuffed and preserved animals of over 400 species. The exhibits offer close up encounters and hands-on activities. The indoor location also serves as a great escape from the Tucson heat. Visit: for information regarding hours and pricing. 

2. Elevate Trampoline Park

Located in NW Tucson, Elevate Trampoline Park is an all indoor trampoline park filled with nonstop fun! With a size of over 35,000 square foot of space, Elevate is filled with multiple trampolines, dodgeball, rock climbing, jousting, foam pit, zip line, and more. They offer seating outside of the jump area for parents/guardians that want to supervise but not be in the middle of the jumping fun. The location also has food available in case a family member needs a snack recharge. Throughout the week, there are various events like "Thankful Thursday." Special events can also be held here for adults and/or children. And, finally, everyone in the family can join in the jumping fun. This is not restricted to children only. Visit: for complete details.

3. Funtastiks

Funtastiks Family Fun Park has to be one of our favorite NW Tucson spots. With indoor and outdoor fun, Funtastiks offers some of the most variety for a family outing. It features mini golf, laser tag, rides, a full arcade, food/snacks, and even a waterpark splash zone experience. Their pricing options allow you to take part in just specific park features or unlimited everything. The splash zone element makes the location ideal even in the summer heat. If you're looking for a family fun day out, this is the place to go! Check out their website: to learn more about everything they have to offer!

4.Tohono Chul Park

If you're looking for a change of pace from the trampoline parks and active play settings, Tohono Chul Park is perfect. It is truly a jewel in the desert. Visiting Tohono Chul brings you close to nature and offers relaxtion through its beauty. On it's 40 acres, Tohono Chul features various gardens within the Tucson desert including a Hummingbird Garden, Streamside Garden, and even a Children's Garden. In addition to the beautiful gardens the location features art galleries, a garden bistro, and just recently the Children's Museum of Oro Valley (see below). Keep in mind that this is a quiet, peaceful environment but it's also a great opportunity to enjoy nature with your little ones. Be sure to take the kids on a day when they are feeling like a quieter, calm activity and maybe plan to visit over time in shorter trips. To learn all about this beautiful attraction and their various events visit:

5. Children's Museum Oro Valley

If you are looking to keep your children engaged and their minds stimulated, you won't want to miss a visit or few to Children's Museum Oro Valley. Open from 9am to 1pm inside of Tohono Chul Park, Children's Museum Oro Valley offers indoor and outdoor play. Each day features Wee Play Storytime at 9:30. Being part of Tohono Chul, CMOV exhibits center around the culture, plants, and animals of the Sonoran Desert. To learn more about this unique experience for children in the NW Tucson area, visit: