On the Wild Side with Uncle Milton Toys

A Macaroni Kid Review

By Susie Blevins August 23, 2012
Last week we reviewed  Uncle Milton National Geographic Outdoor Explorer toys for evening fun (see article here.) The week before we tried out Uncle Milton's explorer toys for daytime play. This week we tried out the National Geographic "Wild" toys, which are puzzles and card games. They actually made for a calmer play experience, a quiet evening at home, and provided a lot of fun!

First up was the Squirrel Monkey floor puzzle. There are 46 large puzzle pieces, and when fully assembled, measures approximately 24"x36" (so says the box, because I didn't actually measure ours.) Even though this is for ages 3+ it was a little challenging because the overall shape of the finished puzzle is a little curvy, not a perfect rectangle. But once completed, we were rewarded with a cute little squirrel monkey (don't worry, not a real one.)
The next product in the "wild" line of toys were card games. There were four sets of cards, each with beautiful photographs of wild animals on them. The first set of cards had different apes and monkeys on them, and the game was "Crazy Apes" (Crazy Eights). The next set of cards, which followed the rules of "Go Fish", were cards of ocean life. In this game, instead of saying "Go Fish!", we called out "Go Divin'!", which was different and fun!

The next two card games, which we haven't played yet, are "Old Ellie" (Old Maid) featuring elephants, and "King of the Jungle" (War). I found the card games to be both fun and educational.  Another thing I liked is that all of the cards came in a big tin, so that they can all be stored together in a sturdy container.

Be sure to stay tuned for our next and final toy review.

We were provided with Uncle Milton toys in exchange for a review, however the opinions are 100% mine and my family's.